Reflection & Future

We started Maskwalla with the intention of helping our families, friends and neighbors who needed face masks. What began as an effort to help, grew into so much more. In a short period of time we scaled the business and sold masks to individual customers in all 50 states and 15+ countries around the world. Our customers loved the individually embroidered, hand made to order designs to celebrate the seasons of the year. With demand high and a changing pandemic world, employers large and small sought us out to protect their customers and employees with comfortable, safe and durable branded masks.

As demand has dropped and changed and the world returns to normalcy, we have wound down our operation and are working to move to a more sustainable direction. We have worked diligently to build and establish credibility with the thousands of individual customers and numerous commercial customers. We did this by providing superior product quality and customer service. Equally important to us was and is our credibility with our vendors who patiently helped us grow. 

Thank you for supporting our business and stay tuned!

Humayun, Yvonne, Andrew & Faiza -